All downloads are in PDF format, unless otherwise stated.

2014 Security in a Hypermobile world, Transport Planning Emerging Countries, UCL, 20 January
2014 Risk: an overview, Crowd-sourcing Workshop, Lincoln College, Oxford, 14 January
2013 What is Risk? Conference – Risk: perception, measurement and policyCity University, 13 December
2013 Risk compensation and the failure of the seatbelt law, Risk: are you up for it? Conference, Birmingham Town Hall, 2 November
2013 The Public Perception of Risk: framing  devices for thinking about perceptions of risk, Imperial College, London, 14 October, (slides here)
2013 Designing for High Risk Environments, European Health Property Network, Budapest, 7 October.
2013 Safety: one half of risk managementMelbourne (27,28 June), Perth (3,4 July), Brisbane (8,9 July).
2013 Managing transport risks: what works? Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety, Portcullis House, London, 5 June.
2013 Mega Project Risks in a Hypermobile World, Mega Transport Projects: policy-making, planning and political leadership, UCL, 10 April
2013 Risk Culture for Charities,  Lloyds Register, London, 26 March
2013 Hypermobility versus socially sustainable mobilityEcobuild 2013, ExCel, London, 7 March.
2012 The Perception of Risk. Presentation for MSc in Envoronmental Techology, Imperial College, 15 October 2012
2012 Can we manage risk better in the 21st century? Seminar for MSc Programme on Mega Infrastructure Planning, UCL, 12 October 2012.
2012 What is Risk? and what should we do about it? Keynote presentation to SRA Europe Annual Conference, Zurich, 18 June
2012  What is risk? and why prevent it? Presentation to 10th International Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention, Bilbao, 23 May.
2011 Dealing with Risk and Managing Hazards. Counter Terror Expo, Olympia, London, 20 November.
24/02/2011 Risk management, it’s not rocket science: it’s more complicated. Grant’s London Investment Conference, The Dorchester, Summary
01/02/2011 The car, master of our lives. Ciutat 011, Valencia.
27/01/2011 Framing devices for thinking about risk, Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution.
31/10/2010 More mobility a good thing – ad infinitum? Battle of Ideas, London.
21/10/2010 The management of Risk, Imperial College London, Department of Environmental Policy.
23/09/2010 Highspeed Rail Debate (opposed), Institution of Civil Engineers.
17/08/2010 Formulating advice about risk for Engineers, presentation for Engineering Council, London.
29/06/2010 How do we fix the world? Security and Human Behaviour Conference, Cambridge.
15/06/2010 The role of expertise in risk regulation, seminar for Ethics and Law Centre, UCL
07/05/2010 Managing risk in a hypermobile low trust world: framing your problem, TTI Vanguard conference on Cyberinsecurity, Pentagon City VA, Conference Overview.
26/02/2010 Managing the environment in a hypermobile world, Royal Institute of Philosophy, London Lecture Series.
03/12/2009 Risk management: it’s not rocket science – it’s more complicated, Environmental Technology Programme, Imperial College London
02/12/2009 Framing risk judgments and decisions, London Judgment and Decision Making Group, UCL
13/11/2009 Thinking about risk: some framing devices, Royal College of Defence Studies, London.
26/10/2009 Cities at risk: living with perils in the 21st century, Joint Centre for Disaster Research, UCL – discussant and summarizer.
17/09/2009 “This house believes that helmets should be mandatory for all cycling children” (opposing), debate at annual conference of the College of Emergency Medicine.
04/08/2009 Managing risk in a safety critical industry. APPEA (Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association) National Oil and Gas Safety Conference, Perth WA.
25/06/2009 Can we have low-carbon hypermobility?  Should we even be thinking about it? 2050 Vision: Transport and social planning in a decarbonised world, EU Green Week, Brussels. See Quis custodiet ipsos custodes for an overview of the the MIT and Brussels conferences.
11-12/06/2009 Risk aversion, liability aversion, paranoia and terrorism, Workshop on Security and Human Behaviour, MIT, Boston.
28/05/2009 Taking Account of Societal Concerns about Risk. INMAS Forum, Valencia.
22/04/2009 Risk: a global perspective. For Prian Public Realm Course, Bedford
25/03/2009 Risk: perception, communication and management: Three Framing Devices for Managing Risk
For NanoBio-RAISE Conference, Oxford
09/03/2009 The World Under Assault: Can Science Beat Terrorism? Paper to accompany a presentation to the Cambridge Science Festival, 9 March.
11/02/2009 Risk management in a Hypermobile World: Working paper for OMEGA ProjectSeminar for OMEGA Project, Bartlett School of Planning UCL
10/02/2009 Risk Management for Geography 2009A summary of the main risk framing devices presented can be found here
03/02/2009 Risk Management: the Economics and Morality of Safety Revisited published in
Safety-Critical Systems: problems, Process and Practice
Proceedings of the 17th Safety-Critical Systems Symposium, Brighton, 3-5 February, pp. 23- 38.
29/01/2009 Risk: perception, communication and management
Klyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation, Noordwijkerhout
The Netherlands,
January 29 2009
27/01/2009 Are we succumbing to terrorism paranoia?
Conference:Places versus fortresses: Can and should we design for terror?
New London Architects & Association of Consultant Architects
London, 27 January 2009
20/01/2009 Workshop:NanoMed Set-Up Round Table
Club de la Foundation Universitaire
Brussels, 20 January 2009
08/01/2009 Architecture and Conflict: visualizations of the 21st Century City
Building Futures Project, RIBA, University of Bath, 8 January 2009
21/11/2008 Interview by Peter Day for BBC Radio 4
In Business programme on Casino Capitalism
18 September, re-broadcast 21 September
20/11/2008 Risk Management
Lecture for MSc in Environmental Technology
Imperial College, London, 20 November 2008
21/10/2008 Public perceptions of risk
House of Lords Science and Technology Committee, 21 October 2008
08/10/2008 Managing risk in the public realm: attractive design versus fear of liability
Design Champions Lunch
Institute of Directors, London, 8 October 2008
01/10/2008 What kills you matters
Seminar for MSc in Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management
UCL, 1 October, 2008
22/09/2008 What’s all this about risk?
Presentationfor PRIAN Public Realm course
22 September, 2008
30/07/2008 Interviews about bicycle bombs on BBC World Service and Today Programme
30 July 2008View blog: Blog
26/06/2008 Does removing street furniture make streets afer for pedestrians
Conference on improving pedestrian safety
Sadlers Wells, 26 June 2008
25/06/2008 Should we fortify our cities?
RIBA Debate (against with Piers Gough)
25 June 2008
25/06/2008 Does the threat of a terrorist bicycle bomb justify the ban on cycle parking
in the environs of Parliament Square?

Evidence from RIBA debate, 25 June 2008
24/06/2008 Shared Space
Phone-in Radio Scotland, 24 June 2008
18/06/2008 Transport and Neighbourhoods by Hank Ditmar
Book launch at Princes Trust, lead discussant
18 June 2008
29/05/2008 Sensible tree risk management
Presentation to conference of Tree Safety Group
Royal Geographical Society, 29 May 2008
14/05/2008 Quality of Life at Risk
Presentation for London Travel Watch
14 May, 2008
22/04/2008 Where and when is shared space safe?
Presentation for PRIAN Public Realm Course
22 April 2008
27/03/2008 Taking the slow road – the future of travel in a carbon-constrained world
lunch-time discussion at the RSA, London, 27 March
26/03/2008 Perceived Risk of Data Sharing and Storage
Presentation to IAAC (Information Assurance Advisory Council)
London, 26 March 2008
26/02/2008 Managing risk – framing the problem
Summary of presentation for Energy Insurance Mutual conference for risk
Orlando, 26 February 2008.
07/02/2008 Panicology discussion
Dana Centre, London, 7 February
22/01/2008 Risk “Port Talk”
Goodenough College, 22 January
15/11/2007 Risk
Seminar for MSc in Environmental Technology, Imperial College
London, 15 November, 2007
14/11/2007 The risks of hypermobility
Seminar for Transport Operations Research Group
Newcastle University, 14 November, 2007
06/11/2007 Managing risk in a safety critical industry: framing
devices for analysing risk
Pre-dinner speech for BG Group HSSE Workshop
Reading, 6 November 2007
31/10/2007 Changing environments
RSA Conference on Risk and Childhood
London, 31 October 2007
26/10/2007 Risk: the man in Whitehall knows best?
Seminar for the Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford University, 26 October 2007
26/09/2007 Planning for stupid, obedient automotons or real people?
Prian Public Realm Course
Bedford, 26 September 2007
26/09/2007 Risk: It’s not rocket science – it’s more complicated
Seminar for NanoBio-Raise Conference
Oxford, 26 September 2007
18/07/2007 Statistics behind a simplified streetscape design
London Underground Head Office, 18 July 2007
12/07/2007 How does the HSE distinguish real risk from trivial risk?
The future of tree risk management
University of West of England, 12 July 2007
05/07/2007 Workshop on Cultural Theory and Management
European School of Management
London, 5/6 July 2007
05/07/2007 Risk Perception in a compliance culture
Seminar on Improving Risk Awareness and Embedding Operational Risk Management
The Institute of Operational Risk
London, 5 July 2007
02/07/2007 Risk and uncertainty in clinical research
Friends House, UCL & UCLH, 2 July 2007
27/06/2007 Transport and Social Exclusion
Eclipse final conference
Brussels, 27 June, 2007
05/06/2007 Compulsive Risk Assessment Psychosis
AIRMIC Annual Conference
London, 5 – 6 June 2007
04/05/2007 Quality of Life at Risk
Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change
Amsterdam, 4 May, 2007
25/04/2007 Framing devices for thinking about threats
Presentation for RUSI Conference London
25 – 26 April 2007
24/04/2007 Planning for obedient automotons or real people?
Prian Public Realm Course
Bedford, 24 April 2007
20/04/2007 (The limitations of) MEASUREMENT, RISK AND SOCIETY
Conference on Statisics, Science and Public Policy
Herstmonceaux Castle, 20 April 2007
27/03/2007 Road safety: it’s not rocket science – it’s more complicated
People, place and Hampshire Highways
Winchester, 27 March 2007
21/03/2007 “Ensure you can see where you are putting your feet before walking”
PowerPoint Notes version of presentation to OpRisk Europe Conference,
London, 21 March 2007
22/01/2007 Complexity & Uncertainty in a Risk Averse Society
Summary of presentation to Omega Centre Conference on “Planning and decision-making
amidst complexity, risk and uncertainty”
Royal Institute of British Architects
London, 22 January 2007View blog: Blog
29/11/2006 Risk regulation and society
Guest Lecture for Conference of Independent Regulators
S sponsored by the Better Regulation Commission and the National Audit Office
London, 29 November 2006
20/11/2006 Common sense, risk and the social scientist
CTPA Annual Business Forum, London, 20 November 2006
17/11/2006 Risk: some framing devices for thinking about it
Staff Seminar for Grendon Prison
17 November 2006
13/11/2006 Risk management
Seminar for Imperial College London
13 November 2006
15/10/2006 The social consequences of hypermobility
21st Meeting of European Environment and Health Committee
Oslo 15-16 May 2006
17/09/2006 Three framing devices for managing risk
Summary of presentation for CRIMS (Canadian Risk and Insurance Management
Society) conference
Calgary, 17-20 September 2006View blog: Blog
21/06/2006 Hypermobility and the destructive pursuit of positional goods
For the Positional Goods Seminar, The Young Foundation
London, 21 June 2006
05/06/2006 Risk Management: it’s not rocket science – it’s more complicated
News Night, BBC2, 5 June 2006
05/06/2006 Interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on a proportionate response to terrorism
News Night, BBC2, 5 June 2006
05/06/2006 Risk and Governance
Presentation for meeting of the Association of Corporate Governance Professionals
London 5 June 2006
23/05/2006 Save the planet, don’t see the world?
Participant in Spiked Debate
London, 23 May 2006
12/05/2006 Are the Dutch as mad as the English? a comparison of Dutch and English approaches to risk management
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 12 May 2006
11/05/2006 Cross-thinking about sustainability: Hypermobility – a challenge to governance
[PowerPoint Notes version]
A public lecture
Amsterdam, 11 May 2006
03/05/2006 Managing risk on the road
Institute pf Highway Incorporated Engineers
4th Annual Development Control Conference
London, 3 May 2006
20/04/2006 Environmental Hazards and Risk Communication
Royal Society Conference
London, 20-21 April 2006
09/04/2006 Safer, Greeneer, Quicker, Cheaper: Decentralisation for Better Society?
Edinburgh Science Festival, Royal Museum, 9 April 2006
26/03/2006 Risk: perception, communication and Management Seminar for European Federation of Biotechnology
Oxford, 26 March 2006
28/11/2005 Highway Risk and Liability Claims
Presentation for Conference sponsored by Institution of Civil Engineers and Department for Transport
Birmingham, 28 November 2005
24/11/2005 A Tool Kit for Policy Makers
Presentation for conference sponsored by WHO and Dutch Ministry of Transport
Den Haag, 24 November, 2005
19/11/2005 The management of transport safety
Annual Conference of RISIT (Risk and Safety Research Programme)
University of Stavanger, 19 September 2005
15/11/2005 RiskManagement: it’s not rocket science
Handout for Imperial College Seminar
12/11/2005 Cycle Lanes in Urban Areas: for and against
CTC/CCN Conference Warrington
12 November 2005
14/09/2005 Embedding the principles of risk management
Presentation for UCL’s Risk Management Working Group
14 September 2005
12/09/2005 Fear, Psychiatry and the State
North London Forensic Service, 8th International Conference
Cambridge, 12 September 2005
28/06/2005 Challenges to Quantifying the Risks of Terrorism
Technology for Security and Resilience, Conference, Royal United Services Institute
London, 28, June 2005
24/06/2005 The Management of Road Safety: Risk compensation versus the crash-test dummy theory of human behaviour
Lecture sponsored by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New Jersey
Dept of Transportation, US Dept of Transportation, CUNY and New York University
24 June 2005
13/06/2005 Risk Compensation versus the obedient automaton theory of human behaviour
Presentation for Camden Cyclists Campaign
13 June 2005
07/06/2005 Streets and Public Places: what are we scared of?
The Shared Space Conference
Ipswich, 7 June 2005
27/05/2005 Future Challenges: Living with Risk – a speech by the Prime Minister
Invited commentator along with the Lord Chancellor and the Director General
of the Association of British Insurers.
An Institute of Public Policy Research event, supported by the ABI
University of London, 27 May 2005
11/05/2005 The impact of risk aversion on street design for10th Annual Streetscapes Conference, Taking Risks, Reaping Rewards
Royal Geographical Society, 11 May 2005
17/03/2005 Risk, Luck and Profit
Lloyd’s Risk Lecture
Lloyd’s Old Library 17 March 2005
15/03/2005 Debate: “This house believes that charging is the panacea for road congestion”
London Transport Museum, March 15, 2005
Proposing the motion: David Begg and Duncan Matheson Opposing the motion:
Steven Norris and John Adams Motion defeated 30:2. Result significantly
affected by proposer, David Begg, opposing the motion.
08/03/2005 Risk Perception and Communication for Occupational Health and Safety Management course Centre of Hazard and Risk Management
Loughborough University 18 March 2005
24/02/2005 Risk in a Hypermobile World
Graduate School of the Environment, Macquarie University, 24 February 2005
23/02/2005 Handling Uncertainty and Managing Risk: keeping a sense of proportion in a culture of increasing risk aversion
Seminar for the NSW Premier’s Department
Sydney, 23 February 2005
22/02/2005 Risk Compensation and the management of road safety
Institute of Transport and logistics, University of Sydney, 22 February 2005
11/02/2005 Whose fault is it that we now have a blame culture?
School of Government, University of Tasmania, 11 February 2005
08/02/2005 The Risk of Terrorism
Seminar for Australian Institute of International Affairs, University of Tasmania, 8 February 2005
01/02/2005 Hypermobility: too much of a good thingPresentation to Conference on Sustainable Transportation in Developing CountriesAbu Dhabi, 1 February 2005
29/01/2005 Sustainable TransportationPresentation to Conference on Sustainable Transportation in Developing CountriesAbu Dhabi, 29 January 2005
06/12/2004 Risk: three framing devicesSeminar for Risk Management, MSc Middlesex University, 6 December 2004
26/11/2004 Risk: Factoring in the Human ElementPresentation for 7th Risk Conference, Institute of Project Management, 26 November 2004
23/11/2004 Risk and the dirty bombLARnet (Local Authority Radiation Monitoring Network) ConferenceWhere the wind blows and the rain falls:the story of the dirty bombMet Office HQ Exeter, 23 November 2004
02/11/2004 In defence of bad luckImperial College, MSc in Env.Tech. Seminar, 2 November 2004
01/11/2004 Do we have enough injidents?: The costs of excessive risk aversionCHIME Seminar, UCLH, 1 November 2004
20/09/2004 Managing Risk in a Culture of Increasing Risk AversionInstitute of Risk Management annual conferenceKeele University, 20-21 September2004
31/08/2004 Perceiving RiskPresentation for Volcanic Risk ConferenceUniversity Collge London, 31 August 2004
19/07/2004 Hypermobility: Further Thoughts Towards Carfree Cities ConferenceBerlin, 19 July 2004
25/06/2004 Biotechnology, Risk and the Problem of TrustSeminar for 1st Kluyver Centre Focus Workshop on Societal Issues in Industrial BiotechnologyBrussels, 25-26 June 2004
23/06/2004 Keeping a Sense of Proportion in a Culture of Increasing Risk AversionPresentation for European Telecommunications Resilience and Recovery Association ConferenceNewcastle, 23 June 2004
21/06/2004 Financial Risk: Homogeneous HeterogeneitySeminar for Centre for the Study of Financial InnovationBakers’ Hall, Harp Lane, City of London 21 June 2004
02/06/2004 The Culture of Increasing Risk AversionThird International Conference On Occupational Risk PreventionSantiago de Compostela, 2-4 June 2004
07/05/2004 Science and Terrorism: Post-conference After-thoughtsWorld Federation of Scientists’ International Seminar on Terrorism Erice7-12 May 2004
16/04/2004 Handling Uncertainty and Managing RiskConference on Strategic and Contract Risk, London 16 April 2004
02/04/2004 Handling Uncertainty and Managing RiskSeminar for European Federation of Biotechnology, Oxford, 2 April 2004
31/03/2004 Risk CompensationESPRC network on Risk Assessment and Perception in DesignBath, 31 March 2004
22/01/2004 Handling Uncertainty and Managing Risk in GovernmentSeminar for the Cabinet Office, 22 January 2004
2003 Risk and Morality: Green CollegeUniversity of British Columbia
16/12/2003 Handling Uncertainty and Managing Risk: Keeping a Sense of Proportion in a Culture of Increasing Risk AversionFor the Science Society and the Natural Science Club of UCLAfter dinner talk for Christmas Meeting, 16 December 2003
18/11/2003 The War on TerrorismGoodenough-Chevening ConferenceGoodenough College, 18-19 November 2003
12/11/2003 In defence of bad luckImperial College MSc in Env.Tech. Seminar, 12 November 2003
11/11/2003 The Social Consequences of HypermobilityCommunity Transport Association Conference, Manchester, 11 November 2003
03/11/2003 Do we have enough injidents?: The costs of excessive risk aversionCHIME Seminar, UCLH, 3 November 2003
23/10/2003 Handling Uncertainty and Managing Risk: Keeping a sense of proportion in a culture of increasing risk aversionSeminar for the Cabinet Office, 23 October 2003
21/10/2003 Delivering a Fire and Rescue Service for the 21st CenturyDeveloping an Effective Approach to Risk Management QMW Public Policy Seminars for Cabinet Office, 21 October 2003
29/09/2003 The role of risk assessment and the need for a sense of proportionSeminar for the University of Surrey, 29 September 2003
22/08/2003 Risk assessment and the need for a sense of proportionSeminar for European Round Table, 22 August 2003
11/08/2003 Risk assessment and the need for a sense of proportionSeminar for Roffey Park Business School, 11 August 2003
30/04/2003 The Role of Risk Assessment, and the Need for a Sense of ProportionCorporate Risk Group, Programme for Cadbury Schweppes and Diageo Warwick, 30 April 2003
02/04/2003 Two clumsy propositions for managing risk: The example of seat belt legislationConference on clumsy solutions for a complex world Oxford, 2-4 April 2003
02/04/2003 Do new (and not so new) risks need new thinking?Can risks be managed democratically in a hypermobile society?RSA Conference, London, 2 April 2003
26/03/2003 How can public bodies working with the public on risk management be most effective? Challenges, opportunities and pitfallsQMW Public Policy Seminars for The Cabinet Office London, 26 March 2003
20/03/2003 The role of risk assessmentAHRMIO Conference on Terrorism, London, 20-21 March 2003
28/02/2003 How can public bodies working with the public on risk management be most effective? Challenges, opportunities and pitfallsInstitute of Public Policy Research, Seminar, London, 28 February 2003
27/01/2003 HypermobilityTalk for St. Paul’s School, 27 January 2003
12/12/2002 Three framing devices for thinking about risk
Kings Fund Seminar, London, 12 December 2002
27/11/2002 Business as Usual; Hypermobility; Sustainability?
SUPRA Seminars for Scottish Executive, Edinburgh, 27 November 2002
18/10/2002 Condoms: seat belts for sex?
Aids, Risk and Globalisation Sociology Symposium, University of Sussex, 18 October 2002
08/08/2002 Risk in a Hypermobile World: the problem of trust
School of Government, University of Tasmania, August 2002
21/06/2002 Biotechnology ethics and public perceptions of biotechnology
Attitudes to risk: The costs of excessive risk aversion
Presentation for European Federation of Biotechnology, St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, 21 June 2002
13/06/2002 Do we have enough injidents? The costs of excessive risk aversion
WONCA Europe 2002, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 13 June 2002
29/04/2002 An acceptable level of accidents?
The Future of Construction Health and Safety: The Wider Picture Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 29 April 2002
19/14/2002 Do we have enough injidents?The costs of excessive risk aversionSeminar for Maidstone Hospital, 19 April 2002
23/02/2002 Understanding risk in a hypermobile world
Conference on Risk and Disaster: Aviation Security, Safety and Terrorism
UCL, 23 February 2002
26/04/2001 Wherever Next? Work in a Mobile World
The Industrial Society & Shell International Seminar, 26 April, 2001
14/12/2001 How will approaches to risk management change over the next 10 years?
Straws in the wind, Cabinet Office Seminar, 14 December 2001
21/11/2001 Hypermobility too much of a good thing
RSA Lecture, 21 November 2001
28/11/2001 Do we have enough injidents? The costs of excessive risk aversion
Seminar for School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 28 November 2001
13/11/2001 GDP and traffic – can they be decoupled? and some consequences if they can’t
Toward a thematic urban strategy
Ispra(I) Joint Research Centre, Italy, 13 November 2001
24/10/2001 System Failure: a sense of proportion needed
Overestimating human error, Underestimating human malice
The critical systems conference, Birmingham, 24 October 2001
12/09/2001 Do Britain’s railways have enough accidents?
Railway Safety Conference, Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch, 12 September 2001
17/05/2001 The social consequences of hypermobility
Geneva Seminar, 17 May 2001
16/05/2001 Do we have enough accidents? Les paradoxes du risque
Université de Genève, 16 Mai 2001
17/04/2001 Accelerating ourselves to death?
Edinburgh International Science Festival Edinburgh, 17 April 2001
05/04/2001 England: A New Deal for Transport? Or the same old ostrich
Conference on Strategic Transport Planning
Danish Transport Council, Copenhagen, 5 April 2001
22/03/2001 Do we have enough accidents?
Three framing devices to help with the answer
Computer Science Conference, UCL, 22 March 2001
20/03/2001 The Assessment of Societal Concerns about Risk
Biotechnology ethics and public perceptions of biotechnology
European Federation of Biotechnology, St Edmund Hall, Oxford, 20 March 2001
14/03/2001 Predicting the demand for air travel
RGS-IBG Conference on Policy Directions in UK Air Transport, 14 March 2001
09/02/2001 The Assessment of Societal Concerns about Risk
Health and Safety Executive Seminar, 9 February 2001
25/01/2001 Benchmarking in a hypermobile world
The state of the art of benchmarking in the transport sector
BEST conference Brussels, 25-26 January 2001
18/01/2001 Do we have enough accidents?LSE Seminar, 18 January 2001
11/01/2001 Managing Risk in a Hypermobile World
Imperial College Centre for Environmental Technology
Policy Seminar, 11 January 2001
03/01/2001 Managing Risk in a Hypermobile World
The Brian Hoyle Lecture, RGS/IBG Annual Conference
University of Plymouth, 3 January 2001
18/12/2000 From Hilaire Belloc to The Interplanetary Society
Symposium in honour of the memory of Martin Mogridge
UCL, 18 December 2000
25/10/2000 Virtual Risk, Seminar for the Foreign Office
25 October 2000
10/10/2000 Do we have enough accidents?
Seminar for Cambridge Computer Lab, 10 October 2000
18/09/2000 Does Lloyds have enough accidents? Insurance and the problem of moral hazard
City of London, 18 September 2000
14/09/2000 Hypermobility and Electronic Mobility
Teleworking 2000: The Transport Debate Queen Elizabeth Hall, 14 September 2000
06/06/2000 Does the Prudential have enough accidents?
Prudential Insurance in-house Conference Reading, 6 June 2000
15/04/2000 The Precautionary Principle
Edinburgh Science Festival, 15 April 2000
10/03/2000 Seminar for the Engineering Council Working Group on Guidelines on Risk Issues
10 March 2000
27/03/2000 The appetite for risk
Conference, Merton College Oxford, 27 March 2000
16/12/1999 Do we have enough accidents?
NVRB – University Day Delft, 16 December 1999
24/11/1999 Does the Royal Navy have enough accidents?
For International Conference (UK Ministry of Defence) on The Modern Warship- management of safety in war and peace.
London, 24 – 26 November
19/10/1999 Do we have enough accidents?
3rd Annual Risk Symposium, Project Manager Today, 19 October 1999
08/10/1999 Risk-Benefit Analysis: who wants it? who needs it?
For Yale Conference on Cost Benefit Analysis, 8-10 Oct 1999
23/09/1999 Virtual risk and the management of uncertainty
Risk assessment – a sensible or stupid notion? British and Irish Group for the study of personality disorders
Imperial College London, 23 & 24 September 1999
13/07/1999 Quantitative risk assessment: problems and limits or, Is it possible to be rational about risk?
Debate with Adrian Smith, President Royal Statistical Society Royal Statistical Society Annual Conference
University of Warwick, 13 July 1999
19/05/1999 Risk, a Seminar for the Navy
19 May 1999
15/01/1999 The Sustainability of Air Traffic Growth Trends
Presentation for CAA, 15 January 1999
05/11/1998 Risk in a Hyper-Mobile World
Inaugural Lecture, University College London, 5 November 1998