Risk Now available as Risco in Portuguese. See Deus é Brasileiro? for new preface – in English.


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  1. James Otteson says:

    Are there any plans for an updated second edition of _Risk_? I would guess you now have a lot more material you might add.
    James, thanks for your inquiry. There have been plans for a new edition for a number of years, but they are now receding. There is indeed a lot more material that I might add – an overwhelming amount.
    The principal development since the book was published concerns the standing of risk compensation. The existence of the phenomenon is no longer seriously contested. Most debates about risk have shifted from arguments about whether or not risk compensation exists, to whether, in particular circumstances, compensation is partial, complete or more than complete.
    Debates with risk compensation at their core range from condom use and HIV to the bankers’ bonus culture. I struggle to keep up, and now content myself with chipping in from the sidelines via my website.

  2. Audrius Sapola says:

    It’s a pity there won’t be an update then 🙁

  3. James Otteson says:

    Thank you for your reply, John. Perhaps an enterprising graduate student or other academic you trust might take on the project of reworking it for a second edition?

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