Been there. Got the T-shirt.

Yesterday was Risk Day in Birmingham’s Town Hall with numerous events and speakers focused on the theme. My contribution was rewarded with a conference T-shirt.



I suggested that since The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has its headquarters in Birmingham they might like to come over to take part in a discussion about Britain’s seat belt law. Sadly the chair provided for them remained unoccupied.



They will never get the T-shirt. Had they shown up I would have asked them to justify the absurd claim on their website that Britain’s seat belt law has saved 60,000 lives: “We were instrumental in the introduction of the first seat belt law in 1983, with the compulsory wearing of seatbelts thought to have saved 60,000 lives.”

RoSPA’s persistence with a claim that they have to know is nonsense – http://www.john-adams.co.uk/2013/02/11/open-letter-to-tom-mullarkey-ceo-of-the-royal-society-for-the-prevention-of-accidents/ – is a deepening mystery. For more on seat belts see –  http://www.john-adams.co.uk/category/seat-belts/ .


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  1. Art Peel says:

    There really is no “mystery”. Their unsupportable claims have been repeated so often amongst the safetycrat “true believers” and stated as truth in the corridors of power that any dissenting information is regarded as blasphemy. Humans have an unfortunate tendency to cling to beliefs long after those beliefs have been proven false. Once chosen and acted upon, such beliefs are nearly impossible to displace with new information. And there is much wealth pouring into the “right” pockets due to legislative/enforcement and corporate policies based on these beliefs.

    The Catholic Church recently forgave Galileo. Hopefully it doesn’t take the safetycrats and their political/corporate clique 400 years to realize the facts don’t match their dogma. Maybe if they come to understand the public sees the safetycrat emperors have no factual clothes…

  2. John Panzer says:

    “Risk is a word that refers to the future. It has no objective existence. The future exists only in the imagination, and a societal consensus about what the future holds does not exist.”

    If only that were true, but no, it isn’t, its a nice opinion, he’s welcome to it, its a nice vision that has no foundation from which you can deduce anything of value.

    Risk does not refer to the future. The first attempt here to management risk, by minimizing it as a word is cute but childish. Risk has nothing to do with the future or public perception. Don’t worry be happy is fine for children, but they depend on adults evaluating risk appropriately.

    Risk is a mature awareness present in the choices you make in every moment, right now as considering the outcomes of YOUR choices for you, for others, for your community for the planet. Risk is a feeling, not a business model for costs and profits. It comes from experience and knowledge. If you don’t feel risk, you’re either dead, or haven’t ever had anything go wrong, and if you’re more than 6 months old and don’t feel any risk, you are the risk, and don’t have council with a damn on the subject.

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