Bicycle bombs: a further enquiry and a new theory

Has anyone, anywhere, ever, been killed by a pipe bomb disguised as a bicycle? I have been pursuing this question since last June with the help of the Internet and the BBC’s Today Programme and World Service. So far the answer appears to be “not yet”; but it remains in the mind of the Westminster Police a theoretical possibility that must be zealously guarded against. (New readers can catch up here: http://john-adams.co.uk/2008/11/05/proving-a-negative-and-the-onus-of-proof/ )

The manner of the guarding is causing great inconvenience to significant numbers of cyclists. Around Parliament Square and Whitehall, and other areas that the police deem particularly sensitive to threats of terrorism, the police are confiscating bicycles on the grounds that they might be pipe bombs. A problem for cyclists is that the boundaries of these areas are not published. Cyclists are left to guess where it is safe to park their bicycles. Read on …

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  1. Pete Colley says:

    This link tells the story of an IRA attack in Coventry in 1939 – a bicycle was used in the attack, but the bomb was placed in the carrying basket rather that built into the frame of the bicycle – 5 people were killed:


  1. SHB Session 6: Terror « The New School of Information Security says:

    […] Adams, UCL (Suggested reading: Deus e Brasileiro?; Can Science Beat Terrorism?; Bicycle bombs: a further inquiry.) Plugs John Mueller’s “Overblown.” Goes into risk thermostat. Propensity to take […]

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