Probably the best disclaimer in the world

Most risk assessments, warning notices and disclaimers are the legal equivalent of juju charms to ward off lawyers – and probably as effective as the kind that believers wear around their necks. This disclaimer for Nelson Rocks Preserve in West Virginia was sent to me by Paul Winston, editorial director of Business Insurance . It is the most comprehensive I have seen.

It begins

Nature is unpredictable and unsafe. Mountains are dangerous. Many books have been written about these dangers, and there’s no way we can list them all here. Read the books.” For the full disclaimer click here .

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  1. barry milliken says:

    To overcome consumer belief that “natural” and “organic” mean “healthy”, I propose a warning label similar to this:

    “Our ALL NATURAL ORGANIC Pound Cake is made of ingredients which are (necessarily) chemical compounds. Because it is baked, the chemical ingredients react to form new (and therefore artificial) chemical compounds. Sorry, but we think these artificial compounds taste better the unbaked NATURAL ingredients.
    All ingredients used are either NATURAL or ARTIFICIAL but even the latter are made ultimately from NATURAL ingredients (there are no other kind.)

    Most ingredients are ORGANIC except for small amounts of good inorganic chemicals like salt for taste. The flour used was made from wheat grown with ORGANIC fertilizer made from NATURAL 100% ORGANIC guano (bird feces) or cow manure. But we have made every effort to remove rat feces and botulism even though they are NATURAL and 100% ORGANIC.”

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